How Inner Cosmetics Works

Inner Cosmetics trains young girls, through mental re-programming, enjoyable body experiences, and guided visualisation, to have a happier and healthier relationship with their bodies. It uses proven techniques from Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, and includes imagery and experiential, body based activities drawn from Somatic Therapy, improvised theatre and movement awareness techniques. These processes are presented in a fun and safe environment as a refreshing alternative to the traditional beauty practices of skin care: cleanse, tone and moisturise.


Cleanse yourself of negative self-evaluation


Tone-up your muscles of self appreciation


Support & deeply nourish a healthy self perception

© Thea O'Connor

The Need for Inner Cosmetics

Inner Cosmetics is a response to the negative, self-defeating inner conversations that many girls have about their bodies and themselves. Too fat, too short, too scrawny, too this, too that – the “terrible toos” and body complaints have become so common amongst females, that we’ve come to accept them as normal. But these ugly thoughts and feelings are dangerous and can cost young women their health, happiness and zest for life. Re- search confirms that young girls who buy into our current ideal of “perfect” female beauty, and evaluate themselves negatively against it, are at risk of developing poor body image, poor self-esteem, disordered eating and other risky and unhealthy behaviours.


Together, Thea and Olivia bring a rich combination of skills and expertise, integrating research- based and experiential body-based learning approaches into this unique program.
Creator Inner Cosmetics, Thea O’Connor is a health educator, writer and speaker with over 20 years experience in health promotion and a background as a dietitain specialising in body image, eating behaviour and weight management. She is the former Director of Body Image and Health Inc, a Victorian not for profit organisation committed to the prevention of body image and eating problems. Thea was a consultant to the Victorian government’s public health and education sectors, she helped developed on-line lesson plans for teachers, a body image program planning guide for health and education professionals, and a training program for parent educators. As an Associate Investigator for a childhood obesity prevention program conducted by the University of Melbourne. Thea also developed a body-image sensitivity training program for schools and researchers to help protect children against fat phobia while promoting healthy weight.
Co-facilitator, Olivia Bernardini has qualifications in Counselling, Social Anthropolgy and Social Ecology. She currently works as a youth educator, coordinating Bellingen EYE (Environmental Youth Experi- ence), a youth organisation that offers nature camps and provides leadership skill development to teenagers. Olivia has been teaching Yoga over the past 15 years; she has extensive experience in movement awareness techniques, Insight meditation, Somatic therapy and im- provised theatre. Olivia is passionate about supporting young women to cultivate a positive relationship with their bodies through conscious and uplifting movement practices.